Latest Android Oreo 8.0 Gapps Download

Android Oreo Gapps download now available here. In this post you will get All types of Gapps such as Stock gapps, Full, Mini, Micro, Nano and Pico. The Android Oreo 8.0 based custom ROMs have started to show up for many devices as Google finished merging Android 8.0 source code into AOSP.

Meaning you won’t be able to use Google Play Store and Google Play Services unless you install/flash an Oreo supported Gapps package. Most of budget phones will not get Android Oreo update, so alternative option is to Install a  Custom Rom. Check Full List of devices getting Android Oreo 8.0 update

Requirements for Installing Gapps

  • An Custom Rom e.g LineageOS 15, Paranoid, SlimRom or ViperOS is  must
  • A Custom Recovery – TWRP, CWM, Philz Touch, etc

Download gapps from below according to your choice and device specification

Android Oreo Gapps download

Stock Oreo Gapps (490 MB):

This is the most appropriate package for most devices, comes with all Google Apps that come pre-installed on Google’s Pixel and Nexus series phones.

Links:  ARM  ARM64  X86

Full Oreo Gapps (441 MB):

This is a slightly modified Stock Gapps package which doesn’t replaces some of the AOSP apps like Browser, Camera, SMS app, etc.

Links: ARM  ARM64  X86

Mini Oreo Gapps (228 MB):

This is the ideal package if you don’t want to go in with all the Apps Google offers on newer Android devices. It contains the popular Google apps, plus some more apps that aren’t up for download on the Play Store.

Links: ARM  ARM64  X86

Micro Oreo Gapps (142 MB):

This is even more tight than the Mini package, contains only the most popular apps: Gmail, Calendar and Google Search (Now), plus some more apps that aren’t up for download on the Play Store.

Links: ARM  ARM64  X86

Nano Oreo Gapps (91 MB):

This is another level down from the Micro package above, but it still includes extra apps that aren’t up for download on the Play Store.

Links: ARM  ARM64  X86

Pico Oreo Gapps (49 MB):

This only gets you the the Play Store app, plus framework files required to make Play Store work. Nothing else

Links: ARM  ARM64  X86

How to Install Android Oreo Gapps on Custom Rom

You can also follow the guide How to Install Custom ROM using TWRP Recovery!

  1. After downloading oreo gapps pakage switch off your Android device
  2. Now boot into recovery mode, navigate the location where you store gapps and select swipe to confirm it
  3. Gapps will start Installing, after installation finished Reboot your phone.

You succefully installed Android Oreo gapps! If you like this guide Android Oreo Gapps download then comment below and share your opinions. Thank you


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