How to add new Adsense In-Feed Ads in Blogger Template

Learn How to install new Adsense In-Feed Ads to Blogger Template. Now you can add google new adsense in-feed ads in your blogger or blogspot template, just follow below step by step guide

    Google has announced a new ad unit style which is the In-Feed ads unit. The new Ad unit is expected to bring Increase in publishers’ earnings due to improved Ads functionality for the AdSense users.

    Advantages of In-Feed Ad Unit

    The new Google Ad unit comes with advantages for its publishers. This unit might just be one of the best thus far with its ability to blend to the layout of your existing template.
    Many bloggers have enabled it and I guess this is because of the advantages listed below.
    1. Increased ad unit click
    2. Better Adsense earnings
    3. Ad units are properly optimized
    4. Provides an alternative to banner ads
    There are other advantages of this new ad unit. Hopefully, bloggers should be getting a decent amount of money monthly.

    How to create In-feed ad unit in Adsense dashboard

    • Go to Ad Units >> New Ad Unit.
    • Under the “What type of would you like to create“, select “In-Feed ads“.
    • Next is to choose the style at which your posts are being displayed on your homepage – Image above, Image on the side, Title above, Test only. This is to make sure the ad unit looks similar to your post layout. So choose the one similar to your post style.
    • Select the colour form of the Ad unit. If your site uses a dark colour as background choose the dark background and if you use white or anything similar, choose LightBackground.
    • Save (I’m done) your In-Feed Ad Code and Copy Code snippet.

    How to add In-feed ad unit to Blogger Blogspot

    1. Go to >> Theme >> Backup your theme >> Edit HTML.
    2. Search for <b:loop values=’data:posts’ var=’post’> (you will see this code more than once, you are to replace only the one under <b:includable id=’main’ var=’top’>) replace this code with <b:loop values=’data:posts’ var=’post’ index=’x’>.
    3. Search for <div class=’post-outer’> (still under <b:includable id=’main’ var=’top’>) and replace with the long code below
    How to add In-feed ad unit to Blogger Blogspot

    <div class=’post-outer’>
    <b:if cond=’data:blog.pageType == “index”‘>
    <b:if cond=’data:x==1′>
    <div class=’post’>
    <b:if cond=’data:x==3′>
    <div class=’post’>

    Now Replace YOUR IN-FEED ADSENSE CODE with the In-Feed AdSense code you copied earlier. Below image shows correct coding of in-feed ads for blogger template

    Final Words 

    Having at most 2 In-Feed ad units should boost up your revenue without you unnecessarily spamming your audience with too many ads. If you have any quires then simply comment below. Don’t forgot to share this article THANK YOU.



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